AfIDA Workshop Series - Understanding Power Purchase Agreements

Oct 17, 2019 | News
AfIDA Workshop Series - Understanding  Power Purchase  Agreements

The one-day workshop will address key aspects of a PPA, decipher the structure of the daunting PPA agreements and link the various elements together in order to give a holistic understanding not only within the two-sided contract but also the relationship towards the country context and financing structure.

The basic structure of a long-term offtake agreement is relatively simple: The seller is obliged to deliver a product with certain characteristics under a certain timeframe and the buyer is obliged to pay a tariff for that product.

Based on this underlying right and obligations relationship between seller and buyer the agreement details all sorts of relieving and as-if provisions for either one party. Additionally, one party may declare Force Majeure to seek relief of his obligation. All these elements give ample space which could lead to disputes and arbitration.

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