AfIDA to host joint member networking lunch

Oct 26, 2018 | News
AfIDA to host joint member networking lunch

-AfIDA Thought Leadership Series: Transmission privatisation in Africa has been negligible, and the private sector could play a vital role in financing, building, operating power transmission infrastructure in Africa through the Independent Power Transmission model (IPT).

This AfIDA led session will discuss strategies to strengthen the grid and private sector solutions to help overcome transmission shortfalls.
Including analysis of:

  • Major plans for national grids;
  • Independent Power Transmission model (IPT) model- it has worked for Latin America, why not Africa? Panellists will discuss the World Bank’s recommended 10 steps needed to realise the potential of IPTs in Africa
  • cross-border interconnections – logical solutions dogged by mistrust?
  • the need for tariffs (or equivalent cash-flow) that reflect the cost of upgrading and building new T&D infrastructure.
  • How should existing grid networks, grid extension, grid edge and fully off-grid coexist?


Networking lunch will be shared with AIX Power & Renewables and Oil and Gas delegates


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